Devin Sandoz


Genome vs Phenotype – Simulation or Simulacrum?

We must look very closely at what the genome construct really might be, and then at ourselves and decide where any illusion might be hiding, or irrelevant.



A manifesto for playing god with human evolution

A grumpy review that is a bioethics lecture instead. Bioscientists understand that reproduction is an open experiment in nature, and that any and all ideas are welcome.


Cyber Consciousness vs a Phenotype for Immortality

A critique of Martine Rothblatt’s illuminating assessment of how cyber consciousness will evolve and come to be adjuncts, even replacements for ourselves. Here I contrast it with my DNA based approach, as the two paths are parallel now, but could meet at infinity.



Twists in the Debate about Human Germline Modification

It’s important for bioethicists to recognize that cloners can make an end run around them in the name of germline purity.


Backup Your DNA via a Blockchain?

The blockchain is a distributed ledger that is inviolable, so it does make some sense as one repository for your DNA. Comments?


The Genotype vs Phenotype Distinction

Your genotype being your DNA and the seat of your identity, and your body/phenotype is just one possible printout of it.


FAQ – What is “Genity”?

An introduction to the Genity concept, which is dedicated to managing our DNA genotypes or genome sequences indefinitely, including personal and remote repositories.

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aubrey de grey

Immortality through advanced technology and a spare diet

Aubrey de Grey, 51, is the man who insists that within a few decades technology will enable us human beings to beat death and live forever​—​that death is a problem to be solved, not a fate to be endured.​